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Our Mission

To assist Doctors of Chiropractic to become more financially successful by helping them to:

  1. Better understand current coding, reimbursement and compliance issues
  2. Identify, describe and report current diagnoses, procedures, and supplies
  3. Evaluate and determine their own fees for appropriate reimbursement
  4. Pursue proper payment

About the ChiroCode Institute

ChiroCode Institute is the much sought after "Answer Group" that helps...

ChiroCode Products and Services

The annual ChiroCode® DeskBook & CD provides a handy reference for procedures, supplies and diagnoses, as well as important helps for setting fees, filing claims and getting paid. It is the Chiropractic Standard for Coding and Reimbursement!

The ChiroCode Hot Topics Newsletter provides timely updates and helps throughout the year. It's a wonderful supplement to the ChiroCode DeskBook.

The ChiroCode Bookstore has over 80 products to help you get paid.

Look to ChiroCode Institute for all your chiropractic coding and compliance solutions

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