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Our story is rather simple... This website exists to help you save REAL MONEY regardless whether you are a Residental or Business Consumer.... We show you how to keep your hard earned cash in your pocket where it belongs!

Many Americans still pay 25 cents a minute for long distance service, this is TOO MUCH!

Infact if you pay more then 5 cents a minute you're paying to much. offers residental plans from 2.9 CPM and Business Plans from 4.25 CPM. We are your communication specialists! offers a broad range of services, from single line residental through complex T1 systems.

In addition we have partnered with some of the finest financial companies to handle all your Personal and / or Business Finance needs as well.

The owners have owned their own business for over 30 years and offering telecom services for 4 years.

Help is never more then an email away, should you ever need it...

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